Hotel Seapearl
Logo, Hotel Seapearl"Wow..wonderful resources..with a combination of speed and innovation of Internet technology , thereby creating a variety of marketing opportunities for our business. WWD hits the bulls eye when it comes to designing. Hotel Sea Pearl is the perfect example"

Mining Asia(Singapore)
Logo, Miningasia Sg"If you're building a site that you plan to use as a tool for expanding your business and provide information to the stakeholders about your company, then yes WWD is the right place. I wanted a website as per my needs and got it. Adding to the above the fantastic after design service that is being provided is an icing on the cake."

Maharaja Picture Palace
Logo, Maharaja Hall"Maharaja underwent a serious brand renovation and WWD- a never ending process is one of the prime examples of it. I needed a website got it. Needed multiple domains not a problem. Online ticket booking system work also in progress. Mr. Kedar is a professional and he never says no as he has the potential and the ability to proceed in any given direction as per the requirement of the client."

My Bachpan
Logo, Maharaja Hall"Simple yet innocent, that is what my bachpan portrays. And WWD has successfully conveyed the same through their work. Completely satisfied with the service. Not many can give the same amount of importance to their premium as well as moderate clients at the same time."

Astrospower"Great communication and did a very highly acceptable work in required time.They did an excellent job on our website. Would highly recommend their design ability to all my friends without doubt."

Green India Properties
"Awesome service offered by WWD.Mr Kedar, a honest and hardworking person. His persona reflects in his works and he is a good person to work with. I am not alone who is saying this.Recently he also recieved an award for significant achievment in the field of web designing "The Utkal Samman". I would recommend him to anyone ".

SMS India
" Had no ideas for a website. Completely moved by the work of WWD. Fanatastic service and detailing work of websites where all the ingredients are just penned by Mr. Kedar. My best wishes to WWD, they are very honest, decent and hard working. We kept good communication and they were always willing to change or modify certain functions or designs if there was any need to do so. They would always try their very best to understand exactly what i wanted even if took time and effort. Would recommend WWD blindly."