Mr. Kedar Mallick

Chairman Cum Founder Mr. Kedar Mallick, (chairman cum founder), the pinnacle of Ways Web Development started the organisation in the year 2009 on the principles of Honesty, Integrity, Trust and Reliability. There was a time where his self esteem had hit rock bottom and he went through a struggling period. But with the help of immense self belief, he redefined himself and vanquished all the challenges and forced his way out to achieve his goals. His extreme passion and positive attitude towards his work won him The Utkal Samman 2012 for outstanding contribution in the field of web designing.
However with this unsubduable demeanour, Mr.Mallick has the vision, creation and execution to help the organisation in transforming itself into a premium conglomerate and continue to progress ahead in the growth trajectory on a sustained basis.

Mr. Brad Berquist

Brad Barquiest As they say good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. Mr. Brad from Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA was in India when he was introduced to our organisation for creating a website for his import business. He was magnanimously galvanized with our professionalism towards work and service and was truly elated to operate synchronically. It was a stepping stone for us to have an extension of Ways Web Development at Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA where Mr Brad is the C.E.O. He is our spearhead and looks after the overseas affairs and thereby helps us in expanding our business worldwide. His commitment and interest towards his work is a motivation for our staffs.

Mr. B.R. Dwivedy

Biswaranjan Dwivedy Mr. Dwivedy is one of the finest employee that the organisation has. He has 5 years of experience in the field of Microsoft Technology. He is our Chief Consultant officer/IT Consultant. He looks after all the technical matters and has the ability as well as the interest to create, visualise and apply his skills and ideas professionally. His experience is a gain for WWD and his presence is an inspiration for other staffs. His addition in our team have produced fruitful results for WWD.

Satyam Chinnarao

Satyam Chinna Rao Mr Satyam, PHP Developer has 2 years of experience in the field of PHP. He is our programmer. He has assisted WWD in tough times and has a lot of patience to complete the jobs that he is given with thorough professionalism, utmost care and importance. Adding to it he is a jolly person who always keeps the positive vibrations in the organisation and helps each and every staff to perform their tasks skillfully.

Chirag Dash

Chirag Dash Mr Chirag, is our only content writer. He is currently undergoing Chartered Accountancy course and is also looking after our accounts. He is skilfully equipped with a superfine knowledge in the English. He is young, dynamic and has the potential to motivate and influence people with his action and words. A website is incomplete without a perfect script and he is the script writer who writes the content practically by understanding the situation as well as the business of the client. He is an asset for WWD and we hope he continues to spell his magic in words for us in the coming future.

Sukhashree Baishali Ray

Sukhashree Baishali Ray Miss Baishali works for WWD in the Web Designing department. She has a experience of 2 years in the field of web-designing and is a recent addition to WWD. She has the creative ideas and also the skills to apply those and produce an effective output. Her work has been appreciated by our clients who are completely satisfied with her application of ideas that she portrays in the designing field.